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Cheryl McKissack Daniel—The “Hidden Figure” Of Construction Industry

December 4, 2023/by Patricia Robinson

Princeton is creating opportunities for small businesses, including diverse-owned firms, to grow through campus construction projects

November 15, 2023/by Patricia Robinson

McKissack & McKissack’s Cheryl McKissack Daniel: Know When to Say No

September 29, 2023/by Patricia Robinson

Owner of historic construction firm fears for future of programs that help minorities and women

August 27, 2023/by Patricia Robinson

Cheryl McKissack Daniel featured on Linkedin News

August 16, 2023/by Patricia Robinson

Metropolitan Airport News Wins Fair Media Council Award

June 30, 2023/by Patricia Robinson

Crain’s New York 2023 Diversity & Inclusions Award Finalist

June 1, 2023/by Patricia Robinson

McKissack CEO Sees Office Space Dwindling

May 9, 2023/by Patricia Robinson

The 2023 Construction Power 100

April 10, 2023/by Patricia Robinson

Patrick Askew named among Temple University’s Top 50 Engineers

April 4, 2023/by Patricia Robinson

Kimberly Hardy Receives Diversity Advocate Award and Powers In Action Community Award

March 31, 2023/by Patricia Robinson

How the Oldest Black Owned Construction & Design Company Was Built

March 6, 2023/by Patricia Robinson

Cheryl McKissack Daniel quoted in article from NYC Comptroller

February 28, 2023/by Patricia Robinson

The Oldest Black-Owned Construction Company In America with Cheryl McKissack Daniel

February 22, 2023/by Patricia Robinson

The Legacy of Black Entrepreneurship in Tennessee: McKissack & McKissack with Cheryl McKissack Daniel

February 16, 2023/by Patricia Robinson

The Oldest Black-Owned Construction Company In America with Cheryl McKissack Daniel

February 2, 2023/by Patricia Robinson

Cheryl McKissack Daniel honored by The Lowell F. Hawthorne Foundation

January 19, 2023/by Patricia Robinson

How to grow a 50 Billion Dollar Construction Business with Cheryl McKissack

December 7, 2022/by Patricia Robinson

Dean Robateau featured in Construction Inclusion Week video with Turner Construction

October 14, 2022/by Patricia Robinson

Cheryl McKissack Daniel honored by Grace Institute

October 13, 2022/by Patricia Robinson

Breaking Barriers in the Building Business

August 30, 2022/by elementalone

Executive Vice President of McKissack & McKissack Albert Odjidja Builds Legacy Through Creating Opportunity for Others

August 17, 2022/by Patricia Robinson

Patrick Askew: Executive Vice President of McKissack & McKissack, Deputy Director for the $9.5 billion New Terminal One project at JFK International Airport

August 10, 2022/by elementalone

National Grid Announces Appointment of Cheryl McKissack Daniel, President & CEO McKissack & McKissack to its New York Advisory Board

July 20, 2022/by elementalone

Cheryl McKissack Daniel on Making the Construction Business More Diverse

June 30, 2022/by elementalone

Crain’s honors city business leaders for their D&I commitment

June 16, 2022/by elementalone

McKissack Group Moving Headquarters to 498 Seventh Avenue

June 8, 2022/by elementalone

MWBEs meet to discuss inequities in real estate

May 26, 2022/by elementalone

Trailblazing construction exec honored for lifetime achievement in diversity and inclusion

May 16, 2022/by elementalone

Lab space, affordable housing for parcel over Mass Pike

April 21, 2022/by elementalone

The Closing: Cheryl McKissack Daniel

April 4, 2022/by elementalone

Cheryl McKissack & Don Peebles On The ‘Affirmation Tower’, Minority Developers, Equality and More

March 25, 2022/by elementalone

Real Estate Developers Plan to Erect New York City’s First Skyscraper Built by a Majority Black Team

March 16, 2022/by elementalone

The Keeper of a Storied Legacy

March 8, 2022/by elementalone

Cheryl McKissack Daniel’s Inspiring Speech at The 2022 AG Gaston Conference

February 3, 2022/by elementalone

Crain’s New York Business 2022 Notable Black Leaders

January 28, 2022/by elementalone

Town Hall Recaps

January 22, 2022/by elementalone

Cheryl McKissack Daniel Keeps the Family’s Fifth-Generation business Thriving as President & CEO of McKissack & McKissack

January 10, 2022/by elementalone

The woman behind NYC’s major development projects

January 6, 2022/by elementalone

Kimberly Hardy is award-winning, nationally recognized senior VP at McKissack & McKissack

December 29, 2021/by elementalone

CEO Woman: Building a Legacy

November 29, 2021/by elementalone

BET’s Soul Train Weekend : Top Black Executives Honored at ‘Leading with Soul’ Luncheon

November 24, 2021/by elementalone

Leading With Soul’ Honorees Announced Ahead of Soul Train Awards Weekend

November 18, 2021/by elementalone

Asked and Answered: Cheryl McKissack Daniel

November 8, 2021/by elementalone

Q&A: McKissacks on Building Nashville’s Tallest Tower

November 1, 2021/by elementalone

Report paints bright picture for construction spending, even better if Biden infrastructure bill passes

October 14, 2021/by elementalone

“All Black team aiming to develop first skyscraper built by African Americans in NYC history”

October 13, 2021/by elementalone

NEC announces 2021 Hall of Fame inductees

September 30, 2021/by elementalone

Black-owned construction firm thrives under fifth generation leadership

March 29, 2021/by elementalone

Cheryl McKissack Talks Generational Wealth, Thriving Black Business, Leadership + More

March 16, 2021/by elementalone

Notable Black Leaders and Executives 2021

February 28, 2021/by elementalone

Gender, Racial Biases in Construction Highlighted at Industry Conference

September 2, 2020/by elementalone

Episode 3 feat. Cheryl McKissack, President & CEO of McKissac‪k‬

February 29, 2020/by elementalone

McKissack & McKissack Notches Leading Role on $7 Billion JFK Terminal One

November 29, 2019/by elementalone

Separate, but Together: Twin Sisters Break Ground in Construction Industry

November 29, 2019/by elementalone

CWNMoments: Cheryl McKissack Daniel

October 29, 2019/by elementalone

The 230 Year Journey: Sustainability, Diversity & Innovation

October 29, 2019/by elementalone

BE100s: The Nation’s Largest Black Businesses

July 29, 2019/by elementalone

She Took Over Her Family’s 114-Year-Old Construction Company and Turned It into a $50 Million Powerhouse

June 30, 2019/by elementalone

Inside the nation’s oldest African-American-owned, female-run construction management firm

June 29, 2019/by elementalone

This Black-Woman Owned Architect and Engineer Company Is Breaking New Ground

May 31, 2019/by elementalone

Studio Museum in Harlem Magazine, Building Dispatch: Aissatou Bey-Garcia of McKissack & McKissack

May 29, 2019/by elementalone

Construction Diva | New York Live TV

May 7, 2019/by elementalone

Family Business Magazine, “From Slave Labor to Thriving Business: The Storied History of McKissack & McKissack,”

April 29, 2018/by elementalone

Commercial Observer, “Why Construction Firm McKissack Added Natural Disaster Relief to Its Repertoire,”

February 28, 2018/by elementalone

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