McKissack’s Diversity Consulting Services team operates in three main areas. Our Diversity Consulting Services are focused on achieving our clients’ project-specific M/W/LBE and workforce goals. Our Community Employment Program and Community Outreach focus on providing employment and job-training to the individuals in the community we service. Through these efforts we are able to provide our clients with referrals for qualified individuals.

McKissack’s Diversity Consulting Services provide our clients with more than 100 years of organizational experience to assist them in achieving their goals. We begin by understanding our client’s diversity goals and then assessing their needs to recommend a specifically designed customized diversity solution for M/W/LBE and workforce compliance on our construction projects. We are committed to providing outstanding diversity consulting and expertise.

We provide the following Consulting Services:

Community Employment Program

The Community Employment team provides services to traditionally under-served populations (displaced workers and unemployed and underemployed individuals). These populations obtain supportive services for successful completion of programs and entry into productive employment with opportunities for advancement.

Our workforce development program embraces community organizations by providing a foundation of cooperation through local entities. We supply appropriate placement recommendations for project contractors and sub-contractors. Participants for employment are provided with quality educational courses which promote self-sufficiency and meet employers’ needs.

The Community Employment Program provides the following services:

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Team coordinates all project activities involved with the community engagement and interaction. McKissack conducts and supports community based event outreach meetings and promotes public informational workshops—an open dialogue to address community concerns and report ongoing progress to our clients. In addition, Community Employment staff will participate in bi-weekly progress discussions where contractors, Design and Construction staff and Construction Managers report on-going progress and utilize strategic systems to reach local and minority hiring goals.


McKissack provides comprehensive Preconstruction and Estimating Services to assist clients in making sound decisions during a project’s design phase, when there is still sufficient flexibility to identify and build into the project features that can result in cost and time savings. Our preconstruction team includes experienced and knowledgeable staff that work with our clients in achieving the project’s budget and schedule goals.

McKissack’s preconstruction services include the following:


Recovery & Resiliency

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and other previous storms that have ravished the NY Metro Area, The State of New York established numerous programs to provide additional rebuilding and revitalization assistance to homeowners and communities that were severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy, Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. McKissack was tasked by the Dormitory Authority of The State of New York to organize, manage and coordinate the necessary personnel required to perform inspection and assessment services in connection with Recreate New York Smart Home Program. The NYS Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR) also selected McKissack to provide Construction Management Support Services for resiliency projects statewide.

McKissack will also have an oversight role of the companies working with the Metropolitan Transit Authority in their Hurricane Sandy recovery related projects and is also teamed to repair some of the Sandy related damage of the WTC Transportation HUB. McKissack, in partnership with another firm, has also been selected to provide CM Services related to the repair of damage to the Rockaway Beach boardwalk caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Disaster Recovery Services include:

McKissack works with both government agencies and private sector organizations to improve protection and security of lives and infrastructure, and to help communities recover more quickly from disasters. McKissack integrates technology and real-world experience to provide customers with solutions that work and outcomes that matter. Since 1905, the firm’s innovative strategies, technologies, and solutions have helped public sector and private industry customers achieve measurable results—saving lives, reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, and improving decision making.