McKissack is providing construction management, community outreach and MWBE compliance, monitoring and reporting services for The Studio Museum in Harlem’s (SMH) new museum building on West 125th Street. For 45 years, the SMH has grown from an idealistic dream to a global powerhouse, achieving no less than complete transformation of the cultural landscape for black artists.


Currently in the museum is in the demolition phase of the construction process.  McKissack is providing community outreach services assisting SMH in addressing concerns, including attending community board meetings,  regarding the construction process; providing MWBE procurement services, including identifying qualified and certified MWBE contractors in specific trades for the project; and developing workforce assistance, including building working relationships with local unions to procure any additional laborers needed for the project.


42% of the current contract dollars awarded are destined for MWBE firms totaling more than $19 million. The overall MWBE goal stands at 40% for contract dollars and 35% for labor participation.