McKissack provided construction management services to State University Construction Fund (the Fund) for the exterior rehabilitation of the 117,000 SF Physical Education Building. The scope of work for this project included replacement of all the original windows with new operable windows, the original doors, the central skylights with new energy efficient glass, and repairing the leaking exterior masonry to create a water tight, healthy and safe learning environment. The project also included a new accessible front entrance on the ‘Great Lawn’ side of the building (including dire access to the elevator), as well as new accessible entrances off the rear and north parking areas, new lighting in the gym, new skylights over the interior courts for more natural light and energy savings, air conditioning for the gym, dehumidification units for the pool, and the removal and replacement of the existing built-up roofing system with a new bituminous system. The building’s exterior masonry was repaired, including 100% repointing, damaged brick was replaced, all spandrel flashing was replaced with new, all brick to CMU anchor system was repaired with new spiral anchor system.