The new DSNY Sanitation Garage Facility services Sanitation Districts 4 and 7 and is located in Manhattan between 55th and 57th Streets.

This project comprised the demolition of an existing Sanitation Department facility formally used for garbage incineration and the construction of a new, larger facility with office, garage and maintenance space for sanitation personnel and vehicles. The highlight of the structure is its “wave wall” element, which is made of curved glass facade. This modern “wave wall” erases the images of the stereotypical ugly, bulky, unkempt Sanitation garage. The entire 45,000 SF floor area of the garage has four truck storage floors, a central ramp, employee parking, repair space, offices, locker, and shower rooms, and additional storage space.

In addition to providing scheduling and inspection services, McKissack was responsible for monitoring compliance with architectural drawings, inspection codes, project plans and specifications.