McKissack provided MW/LBE coordination and Workforce Program Management services for the preparation, approval process and construction of the first phase of Columbia’s expansion in the Manhattanville section of West Harlem.

McKissack provided MW/LBE consulting services to attract, assist and facilitate MW/LBEs as well as minority individuals, women and local community residents seeking construction-related employment to participate in all phases of the Manhattanville project. To achieve these goals, McKissack’s team coordinated with Lend Lease’s accounting team and project managers to ensure that contractors were compliant with their MWLBE workforce and contracting submissions and that they met the participation goals. The McKissack team participated in MW/LBE forecasting; attended contractor meetings (pre-bids, kick-off and project team meetings) to communicate compliance requirements; sourced and provided MW/LBE procurement referrals; reviewed and monitored MW/LBE utilization plans for contracting; tracked and analyzed certified payrolls for workforce; provided quarterly compliance reporting; and supported community outreach events. McKissack’s Office of Community Employment served as a resource to local individuals seeking employment by referring them to low performing and hiring contractors and/or connecting individuals with training and other hiring opportunities.